Commit cf194e8d authored by Thomas BOUTROUE's avatar Thomas BOUTROUE

Fix Qbs options

parent 6e52d0d5
......@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ function cleanupBuild {
rm -rf $BUILD_PATH &> /dev/null
cd "$SOURCE_PATH" &> /dev/null
"$UNIX_QBS_PATH" clean --settings-dir "$VOLATILE_DIR" $BUILDMODE profile:$PROFILE_NAME
"$UNIX_QBS_PATH" clean --settings-dir "$VOLATILE_DIR" config:$BUILDMODE profile:$PROFILE_NAME
elif [[ "$BUILDTOOL" == "qmake" ]]; then
# delete build dir
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ function executeBuild {
if [[ "$BUILDTOOL" == "qbs" ]]; then
cd "$SOURCE_PATH" &> /dev/null
mkdir -p $BUILD_PATH
"$UNIX_QBS_PATH" build --settings-dir "$VOLATILE_DIR" --build-directory "$BUILD_PATH" $BUILDMODE profile:$PROFILE_NAME
"$UNIX_QBS_PATH" build --settings-dir "$VOLATILE_DIR" --build-directory "$BUILD_PATH" config:$BUILDMODE profile:$PROFILE_NAME
elif [[ "$BUILDTOOL" == "qmake" ]]; then
mkdir -p $BUILD_PATH
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