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Add a license file

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How can I use this ?
Well, license here is pretty "super-open", not even copy-left or copy-right,
basically its close to the WTFPL, just use it as you want,
as it's the most practical to you :
* if you want to use it as GIT submodule and compile it in your app, do it ;
* if you prefer separate project as a shared library, do it ;
* if you need to modify the project to be able to integrate in you app (opensource or not), do it ;
* if you want to share you work on the library, thanks a lot, but if you don't, no problem ;
* if you think about some weird case I didn't talk about, well, do whatever you want, I don't need to know about it ;
* if you like it so much you want to spread the word, thank you, you're welcome.
The counter-part is that the code is provided as-is, without any guarantee of being bug-free or feature complete.
Enjoy !
......@@ -16,3 +16,6 @@ HEADERS += \
$$PWD/QtHttpReply.h \
$$PWD/QtHttpRequest.h \
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