Commit c334b0f0 authored by Thomas BOUTROUE's avatar Thomas BOUTROUE

Add placeholder to Code Navigator panel when no ID is detected

parent 866bcceb
......@@ -273,7 +273,6 @@ Window {
text: qsTr ("Objects in this file :");
font.pixelSize: Style.fontSizeTitle;
Line { visible: repeaterHelpIds.count; }
TextBox {
id: inputFilterId;
hasClear: true;
......@@ -281,9 +280,18 @@ Window {
TextLabel {
text: qsTr ("(click on ID to show in code editor)");
visible: repeaterHelpIds.count;
wrapMode: Text.WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere;
font.pixelSize: Style.fontSizeSmall;
Line { visible: repeaterHelpIds.count; }
TextLabel {
text: qsTr ("No ID found in this file");
color: Style.colorBorder;
visible: !repeaterHelpIds.count;
horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignHCenter;
font.pixelSize: Style.fontSizeBig;
Repeater {
id: repeaterHelpIds;
model: syntaxHighlighter.idsList;
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