Commit 45326b9c authored by Grégory JANISZEWSKI's avatar Grégory JANISZEWSKI

Fix timeout watcher being stuck after the first error because of inverted


Fix the places where waitingFrame is unset and timer is killed
parent 644521f5
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ void CanOpenSdoTransferQueue::resetCurrentTransfer (void) {
void CanOpenSdoTransferQueue::onTimeoutError (void) {
QMutexLocker locker (&_mutex);
if (_currentTransfer == Q_NULLPTR) {
if (_currentTransfer != Q_NULLPTR) {
QMutexLocker sublocker (&_currentTransfer->mutex);
_currentTransfer->errState = CanOpenSdoAbortCodes::ProtocolTimeout;
markDirty ();
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