Qt QML Tricks

A nice set of C++ classes, QML components and JavaScript modules to get valuable additions to the standard set of elements available in Qt5.

Each subproject is provided simultaneously as a QMake .pro/.pri and as QBS Project/Product.

  • UI Elements

    A small set of UI elements with modern look-and-feel, and customizable behavior, to develop UI faster (buttons, input fields, layouts, etc...)

  • Sample project

    A sample project to show usage of libQtQmlTricks modules

  • Super Macros

    A set of one-line C++ macros to simplify the creation of reccurent things (like Qt Meta Properties) so that doing them in C++ is not harder than in QML, and requires no boilerplate glue-code.

  • Smart Data Models

    Additional data models aimed to bring more power to QML applications by using useful C++ models in back-end.

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  • Bits and Bytes

    A nice high-level API to manipulate raw bytes and bits in Qt C++ app.

  • Base Project

    The base project for any app using Qt/QML Tricks library.

  • Qt JavaScript API

    A lot of JavaScript API additions to bring some of the features of Qt Core in a similar fashion.

  • Qt JSON Path

    An equivalent to XPath (without the XQuery part) but for JSON, based on QJsonDocument.