Qt CAN 2.0

The new Qt CAN stack 2.0

  • Qt CAN - Package

    The config files to generate the package with Qt Smart Build / QtIFW layer

  • Qt CAN - Meta repository

    The main repository, which calls all the submodules (base, drivers, protocols, tools...)

  • Qt CAN - Virtual test-bench tooling

    Contains a huge application that can emulate a virtual CAN network and several CAN nodes,

    and provide different levels of visualization (electronical, logical, physical),

    and allows for control-command programming and snapshots of the IO.

  • Qt CAN - CANopen protocol

    Contains implementation for the CANopen protocol, upon the base library.

    Also provide nice features like creating skeleton of the OBD using a nice QML syntax with specialized objects.

  • Qt CAN - CANopen Node test UI

    A simple UI to load a QML OBD along with a local Node ID and a CAN driver, and start communicating with a master, to test the behavior.

  • Qt CAN - CAN frame sniffer tool

    Contains a simple tool that is able to display incoming frames.

    It can also send outgoing frames.

    It has nice additional features like filtering frames, coloring output, explaining CANopen frames content to be human readable, etc...

  • Qt CAN - CAN drivers bridge

    Contains a simple tool that allows pluging two drivers with each other,

    so that frames sent by one are received on the other, and vice-versa.

    This can be useful, e.g to link an USB adapter driver with some local virtual CAN network...

  • Qt CAN - PEAK System driver

    Contains the driver for the PEAK System CAN adapters.

  • Qt CAN - IXXAT USB driver

    Contains the driver for IXXAT USB-to-CAN adapters.

  • Qt CAN - COBS TCP driver

    Contains a driver which wraps CAN frames into a simple binary frame, stuffer with COBS algorythm.

    It is very simple and fast, with barely noticeable CPU/RAM/bandwidth overhead.

  • Qt CAN - SocketCAN driver

    Contains the Linux SocketCAN driver, with RAW and BCM variants.

  • Qt CAN - CANopen OBD export tool

    Contains a program that imports an OBD as a QML dataset,

    and has exporters to generate a certain amount of files for integration with apps or other stacks,

    or simply dump tree to standard consoles or to disk...

  • Qt CAN - Utils

    The common classes / components for Qt CAN tools.

  • Qt CAN - Base Library

    The base lib with CanDriver / CanMessage classes

  • Qt CAN - Kvaser USB driver

    Contains the driver for Kvaser USB-to-CAN adapters (Leaf, Leaf PRO...).

  • Qt CAN - JSON TCP driver

    Contains a fake driver that encapsulates CAN frames into JSON text protocol over TCP/IP, to be able to use non-binary interface.

    The JSON frame contains the CAN-ID and CAN DLC as a Number, and the CAN Data is encoded into a base64 String.

  • Qt CAN - SAE J1939 protocol

    Contains implementation of the SAE J1939 protocol standard, upon the base library.